Shrewsbury School

Churchill’s brothers make RSSH history in joint Paperchase win

Monday 14 December 2015

Upper Sixth Former Ben Remnant (who earlier in the term led his team of marines to national victory in the Pringle Trophy competition) and his brother, Fourth Former Harry, have made history in the Inter-House Paperchases event held on the final Wednesday of the Michaelmas term.

Master in charge of running, Peter Middleton, takes up the story:

"Harry ‘killed’ in the U15 House event and Ben killed in the 1st House race.  Aside from this representing tremendous individual efforts, it is, I suspect, an unprecedented result where brothers have won in the two separate events.  It may, I suppose, have happened before, but unless someone fancies doing the extensive research into the annals and archives, then I’m going to claim that it’s a historic ‘first’!"

Churchill’s were also declared team winners in the U15 House event and came third in the Senior event.  

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