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Cricket: Fifth former appointed to score for the England Disabilities team

Thursday 5 July 2012

First XI scorer Toby Harvey-Scholes (R 5) has been appointed by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to score for the England Disabilities team in a two day tournament at Malvern over the weekend.

Toby has been scoring for the First XI for two seasons and moved from using the traditional paper score book to scoring electronically using an iPad this season.  After experimenting with the ECB approved systems of Total Cricket Scorer and CricHQ, he decided to use a system called nxCricketHD. Some of our school coaches have been using this system too, on handheld devices such as iPhones while they have been umpriring their teams. The First XI have been using nxCricketHD as an analysis tool to improve their performances in a highly successful season.

This came to the notice of Peter Mitchell, one of our regular umpires at Shrewsbury, who is also Deputy Chair of the ECB Assocation of Cricket Officials. He arranged for their CEO Nick Cousins to visit the Silk Trophy earlier in the week and he was so impressed with Toby and the application, he appointed Toby to the game on the spot.  As a result of the meeting Toby and school cricket analyst Rob Morris had with Nick Cousins, the ECB ACO hope to develop nxCricket and use this in place of their preferred products in the near future.

The ECB ACO has a policy in place to appoint young officials to learn from more seasoned officials and hopefully we will see Toby appointed to even higher profile games in the future.


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