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Cricket: OS Ben Williams (Rt, Head of School 2009-10) on Lord's TV

Saturday 16 June 2012

Ben Williams, on the OUCC websiteAs Captain of Oxford MCCU, Ben Williams has been filmed by Lord's TV in a 'day in the life' piece, giving a feel for what it is like to be a cricketer at one of the six MCC universities and trying to encourage the next generation of talent to consider the MCC University scheme: Ben Williams on Lord's TV.

Please also see another recent article on our website about Ben, who somehow also finds time to be Captain of the Oxford University Cricket Club.  The OUCC is one of the most prestigious cricket clubs in the country, and their first-class facilities at the University Parks have been graced by some of the most famous cricketers of all time, producing many ‘Blues’ who have gone on to represent their country such as Imran Khan, Douglas Jardine, and M.J.K Smith.

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