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Crystal High Ball Glasses for Shrewsbury's Winning Pair!

Tuesday 31 July 2018

David Warmington (I 1951-55), former President of Little Aston GC, designed by Harry Vardon in 1908, has been organising the OSGS team for the Public Schools Midlands tournament, since Adam was a lad. He deserves a life-time achievement award for patience, courtesy and stoicism.

On 27 June 2018, 13 schools participated with teams of 8 players in the 86th year of the Tournament, competing for five separate trophies.

OSGS team included Richard Bevan (DB 1974-78), Martin Cars (S 1968-73), Neil Crawford (M 1972-76), Jonathan Hope (O 1986-91), Oliver Howl (S 1974-78), Andrew Hulme (Ch 1974-79), Charles Mann (Rt 1978-83) and Andy Pollock (I 1971-74).

The OSGS combined score, of our best three cards, was 88 points, in fifth place behind Wrekin’s winning score of 95 points. Our tally came from Andrew Hulme & Oliver Howl (33 points), Jonathan Hope & Charles Mann (28 points) and Neil Crawford & Richard Bevan (27 points).

In the afternoon competition, over 15 holes, Richard Bevan and Neil Crawford amassed 29 points. This snatched first prize for partners with a combined age over 110 years, winning Crystal High Ball glasses each.

The above photograph pictures from left to right: Andy Pollock, David Warmington and Neil Crawford, with Jonathan Hope and Charles Mann hiding in the shadows.

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