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D of E Gold Expedition: Sea Kayaking across Scotland, Summer 2013

Wednesday 4 September 2013

D of E Gold Sea Kayaking Expedition in Scotland, Summer 2013

The summer break was a busy one for the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award participants, who all embarked on various expeditions around the country. The Sea Kayak team travelled to the west coast of Scotland for their long paddle to the east coast.

During the year they had undergone a series of training camps and practice ventures in preparation for the 'big one!' 100km from Fort William to Inverness through the magnificent Great Glen.

The expedition was extremely successful, this time assisted and not hindered by gusting force 5-6 winds on two days whilst crossing Loch Ness. The downside was that the environment became quite emotionally and mentally challenging for some, with big waves breaking across the boats. But the upside was that the team were journeying at 8km/h compared to the normal 4km/h. 

The team completed in high spirits, if somewhat sore after four intense days of physically demanding paddling and uncomfortable nights in tents. Well done to all!

Maj Jo Billington

A windy crossing of Loch Ness - all 36.4km of it!

Crossing Loch Ness in the wind

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