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David Gee [DHG] - 150 Not Out

Monday 23 April 2012

At his end of term assembly on Friday 23 March, the Headmaster paid tribute to Dr David Gee on the completion of 150 terms of teaching at Shrewsbury.  Over five decades, David has been an inspirational teacher to quite literally thousands of Salopians, and has made a very valuable contribution in roles as varied as Housemaster, Head of Faculty and even Chaplain.


David Gee [DHG] - 50 Not Out

We are delighted that, although he will be relinquishing some of his teaching responsibilities next year, David will be putting his considerable expertise as a wordsmith and using his myriad of different contacts to bring the official school history up to date.  We hope very much that a new and complete History of Shrewsbury School will be available from 2014.

It is intended that an interview with a group of his pupils in the Upper Sixth, containing some of his reflections on his time at the school, should be included in the summer edition of 'The Salopian'.  In the meantime, the account below gives an insight into the extraordinary number and diversity of roles that David has held at Shrewsbury.

David Gee first joined the staff, as a student, over 54 years ago, but there were two terms in 1959 when he was given leave of absence to do research for his doctorate, a further sabbatical term in 1984, which he spent as a visiting professor at Rollins College, Florida, and he was not teaching between 2004 and 2007.

David's arrival in Lent Term 1958 was part of his preparation, in his fourth year at Oxford, for his Diploma in Education (now called a PGCE) but since a member of the History staff was ill for the whole term, David was presented with a full teaching time-table. At the end of the term he was offered a position on the permanent staff, which he took up in September 1958.  He became Head of the History Faculty in 1962 and had two separate periods in office.  Later, between 1984 and 1998, he was Head of the Religious Studies Faculty. He was House Tutor of Churchill's for ten years (1958-68) and Housemaster of Day Boys for twelve (Jan 1972 - Dec 1983). On return from his sabbatical in 1984, David was appointed Senior Tutor and was licensed as a Lay Reader, to assist in Chapel; he also joined the team in Oldham's, as House Tutor, for six years.  In 1990, he was appointed Housemaster of Severn Hill, where he remained until 1997.  He 'retired' from the full-time staff in July 1998.

Since then he has contributed part-time, teaching in the History, Religious Studies and German faculties. In the Michaelmas Term 2002, during an interregnum in Chapel, David served as Acting Chaplain. He was editor of the Salopian Magazine, now called The Salopian, for thirteen years between 1985 and 1999 and he coached school and house crews on the river throughout the first half of his Salopian career.

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