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Dayboy Dads rowing across the Atlantic

Wednesday 3 December 2014

The fathers of Third Formers Charlie Harpin (PH) and Antoine Legeais (Rb) are rowing against each other in a gruelling head-to-head 3,000-mile race across the Atlantic.

Stephen Harpin is in the seven-man crew of ‘Toby Wallace’.  Originally in the Royal Navy, he runs the Shropshire Adventure Rowing Club, which he set up several years ago, and has had lots of adventures with Irish Sea crossings, rowing the Caledonian Canal, coastal rowing and racing.  He also rows with his Rowing Club in their fixed seat longboats.  He is raising money for the specialist bowel cancer Bickerstaff Endoscopy Unit at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford; his fundraising page is

Christophe Legeais is part of the five-man crew of ‘Oystershack’. His previous endurance challenges include climbing the North Face of the Eiger and rowing the Irish Sea twice in a Celtic longboat.  He is an active member of Shrewsbury Adventure Rowing Club with Stephen and most recently was part of a longboat crew who won their category in the Great River Race in September 2014. He is raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care; his fundraising page is

They set out from Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria on 24th November at 2159hrs. In order to beat the 32-day speed record, they must arrive in Barbados before 2159hrs (GMT) on Boxing Day.

Their respective positions can be found at: and there’s more information on

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