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Distinguished Delegate Awards at Royal Russell MUN

Wednesday 31 October 2018

Over half term, a crack team of MUNers, led by Ambassador Grace O’Mara, attended the prestigious Royal Russell School International Model United Nations conference. Report by Chad Usher.

The delegation consisted of Grace O’Mara, Abi Watkinson, Chad Usher, Tom Jackson, Sophia Bureau, Johnnie Dowd and Andrew Higgins. Each of them represented Equatorial Guinea in a range of committees from a Social Committee to the Security Council.

The first day was spent lobbying, a process whereby delegates convince representatives from other countries to support them in informal conversation and attempt to build resolutions with international backing. After an intense afternoon of debating, Tom managed to gain enough support to submit his resolution to the Approval Panel, meaning he could then debate it in committee the following day.

Tom urging his fellow committee members to vote for his resolution

The Opening Ceremony followed in the evening, where Ambassador Grace made one of the most impactful openings to the conference Mr Peach (Teacher in Charge of MUN) said had seen in his 26 years of attending RRSIMUN. Opening with a fantastic right of reply to a speech by Pakistan, she attacked the imperialist west. This was swiftly followed by her own opening speech on the three principles of Equatorial Guinea - unity, peace and justice - which galvanised the small nations of the world behind the team against the oppressive powers.

Grace about to let fly!

To finish a fantastic first day there was a 60s and 70s themed disco. (Tom confessed that it was the reason he does MUN.)

On the Sunday, all committees were in debate and the Shrewsbury delegation shone throughout. Unlike all other conferences, Royal Russell puts on a Talent Show on the Sunday night. Abi led the team in a rendition of ‘In the jungle’. The boys provided a backing of ‘Wimoweh’ while Abi and Grace sang a wonderful duet. Sadly, the popular vote was rigged by the strong Irish contingent and the team didn’t quite make the top three.

Monday morning followed with more committee debate before moving into General Assembly, where Tom and Sophia led the team in the most challenging environment of all MUN: taking the podium and giving a speech to hundreds of people.

Tuesday followed with further General Assembly before the award ceremony in the afternoon, where Grace, Abi and Tom picked up Distinguished Delegate awards.

Huge thanks to Mr Peach and Mrs Pritchard for running and accompanying the trip.

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(Distinguished Delegate Award winner Abi had to leave the Conference before being able to join in with the final group photo)


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