Shrewsbury School

DofE Silver Practice Expedition: The first Salopian cyclists

Monday 22 April 2013

D of E Silver Biking Group training on Corndon HillLeft - setting off from School; middle and right - on Corndon Hill

During the Easter holiday, six boys took part in a Shrewsbury first – a DofE bicycling expedition. This was a practice for the group and was held in the Shropshire hills using minor roads and bridleways. The specially adapted bikes allow the rider to pull a small trailer carrying all their camping gear, food and spare clothes. Thinking that this might be an easier option than walking with a rucsac, the group quickly found out that biking is no easy option.

The practice went very well and the group are now prepared for the big challenge of the qualifying expedition involving a circumnavigation of Cader Idris. This will be held in June.

The boys taking part are:
Alex Powell (M V)
George Whitehead (Rb IV)
Tiger Vechamamontien (M IV)
Jonathan Jones (Rb IV)
Hector Kaye (Rb IV)
Anthony Koch De Gooreynd (O IV)

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