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Dubai Salopian Annual Supper

Monday 25 March 2019

Salopian Middle East get together!

This year’s annual Salopian Middle East get together was held for the first time at Dubai’s world-famous Capital Club in the financial district on 15th March during the “British Public Schools Exhibition” weekend. This is where parents from across the United Arab Emirates go to be pitched to by a variety of British Public Schools in order for them to make a well-informed decision on where to send their expat children away to boarding school. We all know what the obvious choice should be, but in order for this hard sell to take place, Shrewsbury School sent their very finest in the form of Mr Martin Cropper, Senior Master and Director of Admissions.

The attendance numbers for this year’s Salopian event climbed again for the eighth year in a row and we had a record number of Old Salopians as the figure of Salopian residents continues to grow in the region. The evening’s attendees were also made up of Salopian partners, existing parents, and future and prospective parents.

Welcome Pimms was served from 7pm and after an hour of Salopian-fueled conversations we were invited to sit down and begin to enjoy the delicious, albeit stereotypical, British supper of prawn cocktail, roast beef, and spotted dick and custard for pudding.

Martin was up first to welcome everybody to the event, and he provided a detailed update on the school and its progress. It was fascinating to learn of the ever-progressing developments of the school we all love.

The evening progressed as most Salopians functions do – plenty of drinks, great conversations, Salopian story-telling and of course lots and lots of laughter. The shared love for Shrewsbury School was evident to us all, in what was a truly memorable evening.


On behalf of everybody who attended I would like to thank the School for its generosity in hosting us all once again and we look forward to celebrating all things Salopian in the Middle East next year. Thank you also to the Old Salopians who make it all possible by attending: Mark Towers, Charlie Marlow, Edward Gallagher, Ben Robertson-Adams, Charlie Barlow, Nick Green, Ed Bevan, Iain Jones, Anthony Samuel, Mike Rigby, Ed Corbett, Jules Green.

If you are new to the region, please do get in touch at to become part of the Salopian community.

Rupert James Connor (S. 92 – 97)

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