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Dubai Salopian Event

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Guests were welcomed into the Bull & Bear Restaurant/Bar with a flowing glass of traditional red sangria .....

Dubai Salopian Event

This year’s much anticipated Salopian get together took place at the world-famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel located within Dubai’s International Financial Centre and was made up of Old Salopians, various partners, and prospective parents. 

Rather than continue with the usual sit-down meal formula (and last years ill-fated cricket match), it was decided to add some spice to the evening and that most traditional of Salopian pursuits was introduced – competitive wine tasting.

Guests were welcomed into the Bull & Bear Restaurant/Bar with a flowing glass of traditional red sangria. As the group numbers increased I noticed that so too did the noise volume and at this moment it was clear the evening was off to an electric start.

 After half an hour or so of catching up and mingling we were escorted to the venue’s balcony terrace on the 18th floor, where the blind wine tasting would commence. After an indefinite period of group loitering, we finally managed to divide ourselves into 3 teams ready for our South African hostess to start the tasting. The competition format consisted of the hostess verbally providing two descriptions for each wine and each team then having to guess the correct description.

Our first team was rather Salopian heavy and made up of Nikolas Tryggvason, Ed Bevan, Nick Green and Charlie Marlow. Much like the Laurenz V Singing Grϋner Veltliner from Austria they were lively, vibrant, and palatably friendly. I won’t however touch on their aromas.

The responsibility of securing The Schools future firmly landed on my shoulders as my table hosted the prospective parents, who were a joy to welcome and I am confident their children will fit into school life perfectly. Mirroring the Sallier de la Tour Inzolia from Italy, the conversation was fresh and light with stories told of Shropshire’s flowery meadows and notes of zest and bite.

We now come onto the winning team of Mark Towers, Edward Gallagher, and Mike Rigby. Our third wine, the Santa Carolina 2018 Carolina Reserva Carmenère from Chile, was spicy and briary to the nose as this team were to the eyes and ears in their dominant pursuit of victory. Edward Gallagher was certainly feeling saucy and wild on this occasion!

Just like our final wine, the Santa Julia Malbec, Salopians and friends of The School only ever get better with age and the event was a shining example of this. The conversation was full of plum, had a velvety finish and was most certainly full bodied.

A big thank you must go to the Salopian Club for their continued support with this annual event, which has now been running for a decade.

Salopians in the UAE are regularly in touch, so if you find yourself in the regions please feel free to get in touch –

Floreat Salopia

Rupert James Connor (S. 92 – 97)

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