Shrewsbury School

EFA Trophy Champions

Sunday 23 February 2020

The Old Salopian Fives Club have continued their success in recent years by securing the Eton Fives Association (EFA) trophy on 23 February 2020, ending a drought of six years in the competition.

The format of the competition is similar to the Williams team cup for school boys and the Alan Barber cup for leavers where each club puts forward three pairs. The EFA trophy is the  ‘2nd division’ of the Alan Barber cup. The qualifying stage of the competition took place back in November 2019 with the finals day (semi-final and final in February). Shrewsbury met with the Old Ipswichians in the semi-final before beating North Oxford 2-1 in a highly competitive final. Elsewhere in old boy fives, the 1st and 2nd division sides are on course to topping both their respective divisions. This will carry on from last year where the Old Salopians won both division 1 and division 2. A remarkable display indeed and shows what great health the old boys fives club is in.  In the picture from left to right are Mike Hughes (SH), Grant Williams (Honouree Salopian having coached at the school), Henry Blofield (PH), Guy Williams (RB), Sam Mcloughlin (RB) and Will Sissons (RT)

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