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Excellent performances by Salopian fencers in the Shropshire Open

Thursday 3 October 2013

The Shropshire Open was held at Wrekin College last weekend and attracted over 160 fencers, including a number of European competitors. Seven pupils from the School entered and all performed very well. Marco Lee (I V) was on particularly impressive form, coming second in the Men’s Foil.

Marco Lee lunging at his opponent in the final of the Men's Foil, Shropshire Open 2013

Marco Lee lunging at his opponent in the final of the Men's Foil.
Photo courtesy of Shropshire Sports

This was the first experience of an open competition for three of the Salopian fencers and all did extremely well. Lucy Petch (MSH UVI) a finished 13th in a very strong field in the Ladies' Sabre competition; Izzy Codron (EDH UVI)  finished 10th in the Ladies' Foil; and Tom Creamer (S LVI) finished 45th in the Men’s Epée.

Ross Viljoen (PH LVI) and Jonty Small (M UVI) competed in the Men's Sabre event, finishing 17th and 25th respectively.

Marco Lee (I V) was in top form throughout the day, winning through to the final of the Men’s Foil event. Although he eventually lost to David Alexander (Nottingham) 15-6, this was a tremendous performance.

Scott Reynolds (Rb V) also competed very well in the Men’s Foil and finished 29th.

Ken Holding
Fencing Coach

More photos from the Shropshire Fencing Open are on the Shropshire Sports website. Please click on the image below to view:

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