Shrewsbury School

Fencing: School v Old Salopians

Monday 10 February 2014

On Saturday we welcomed back Old Salopian fencers for matches against the School fencers in what proved to be a very enjoyable afternoon of tense competition.
Old Salopian Teams                       
Foilists: Stephen Li, Chris Williams              

Epeeists: Ed Bullen, George Lane-Fox         

Sabreurs: Harry Cox, Rob Davis                    

School Teams
Foilists: Issy Codron, Scott Reynolds, Matti Owen-Sinclair, Alec Barnes
Referee: Marco Lee

Epeeists: Jonty Small, Arthur Cheng, Jeff Pun, Tom Creamer, Jonnie Shaw, Archie Free,

Sabreurs: Ross Viljoen, Christian Ferrigno, Benson Chang, Tom Miller, Charlie Godman, Ilya Olkov
Referee:  Andrew Holding

Foil:      OS  45v     School   41v
Epee:    OS  10v     School    6v
Sabre:   OS   9v     School     7v

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