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Field Day Feburary 2013: Photography

Saturday 2 March 2013

Fifth former Charlie Beckett writes about his Photography Field Day.  Clicking on his photo of Shrewsbury prison will open a slideshow of 25 selected photos that were taken by the group during the day.

Charles Darwin, by Charlie BeckettFor my field trip I visited Shrewsbury town in order to take some photos. In the morning we visited the library where we took photos of the Charles Darwin statue. We also took photos of the benches and the gargoyles. There were many Gargoyles and statues within this area and so to find photos wasn’t very hard. This is a photo of Charles Darwin after we had edited it in the dark room. You may think that it is not very good editing however John was going for this style when he changed the photo to look like it does.

After visiting the library, we moved down to the station where we took photos of the gargoyles and also the stonework.  Some of the gargoyles had metal sticks in their head in order to prevent people from climbing up the station wall.

After admiring the station for a while we moved on to the prison which was surprisingly nice considering it was a prison.  The architecture from the outside of the building was very interesting and had many sculptures around it. After finishing at the prison we headed back to Starbucks for a quick coffee and then continued to take photos of the old market and the statues which were located within this area. Then at 12.30 we met with our teacher in order to show off our photos.

After this we progressed up to The Quarry where we took many photos of the statues and also took some photos of the lovely scenery. Once we had finished in The Quarry we headed back up to school where we met our teacher. We then went to the dark room and edited many of the photos to produce a collage.

Shrewsbury Prison, by Charlie Beckett

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my day, and learnt a lot about the town and also how to edit good photos.

Charlie Beckett (I V)

Please click on Charlie's photo of the prison on the right, to open a slideshow in Flickr of 25 selected photos that were taken by the group during the day.

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