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Field Day, Thursday 13th February

Friday 14 March 2014

On Field Days, held termly, there are no formal lessons and pupils from Third to Lower Sixth Forms spend a whole day on their chosen activity. On Field Day this term there were some 30 different group activities and trips. The reports below gives a flavour of what went on.

Given the hurricane force winds of the previous day, the dawn of a cold and normally brisk February day was a relief for not just the organisers of this Field Day but doubtless for the pupils as well. We had a very diverse range of trips this year: the mountain bikers set off for North Wales; the CCF had a Biennial Inspection; art historians visited galleries in Liverpool; climbers scrambled indoors and out; and cooks visited farmers markets in the anticipation of creating an afternoon feast. 

Third Form Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award preparation
Third Formers undertake their Bronze D of E expeditions in June and on Field Day they were given an expedition training day, in preparation for the practice expeditions that take place early next term. Tents were put up, food choices discussed and were cooked (not a single Pot Noodle in sight), and all the challenges of the two-day walks over the Shropshire Hills were dissected. By all accounts, the pupils learned a lot and it was a useful day.

This group had tasks to complete in town and have come up with some stunning photos – see Photography Club Field Day Photo Gallery

Mountain Bikers
The club donned their protective clothing and visited the tracks adjacent to the slate mines at Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales (see below).

Mountain Biking - Field Day, 13th February 2014

Combined Cadet Force
A voluntary night exercise had to cancelled due to poor weather conditions. The main effort of the day was directed towards an inter-section competition (known as the Kemp Trophy) which was won by the Royal Marines (as usual). The cadets enjoyed the shooting, obstacle course, orienteering, command tasks and the other random challenges that were thrown at them. The seniors took part in an excellent exercise run over the military training area at Nesscliff.

Outdoor Skills
Climbing and map reading filled the day for this group of 32 Fourth Form boys. Outdoor Skills is the Fourth Form replacement for Basic Year and is designed to give a broad introduction to outdoor educational work – map reading, conservation work, biking, climbing and canoeing have all been available.  On Field Day half the group successfully obtained their Bronze NNAS (National Navigation Award Scheme) with the other half completing their NICAS (Indoor Climbing Award Scheme).

We have a link with the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and over the term we have had work parties helping out at the Meres and Mosses National Improvement Area. Some work has been of a survey nature but more muscular clearance work has been carried out too – which the pupils have responded to with gusto!

Sadly it was just too windy for the small group who were due to glide on Field Day – this is a common theme at our local site (the West Midlands Gliding Club). However, we have managed to launch some pupils into the skies this term. Sick bags were gripped with sweaty palms – as a first flight can be a nerve racking activity, as some have found!

The equestrians have been continuing their visits to our local riding stables at Baschurch, with some enjoyable hacks out across the rolling Shropshire countryside.

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