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Fives: End of Season Dinner and Awards 2012

Tuesday 8 May 2012

ASB, casual, with a haul of trophiesThe Fives Club held an end of season dinner in KH on 3rd May 2012 with a great season to look back on and another solid haul of silverware. Attendance was excellent – close to 100 in total, with a number of parents and guests representing all generations of the Old Salopian Fives Club as well as 70 boys and girls. As well as the obvious air of celebration of the season, the dinner had a strong sense of looking at recent successes as the club thanked Andy Barnard for the huge contribution he has made to Fives over his nine seasons as Master in Charge.

As has become the tradition at these dinners, the coaches of each year group spoke to summarise their season and to give awards for the best and for the most consistent players. Matt Barrett celebrated another strong year for the U14s and “the most exciting prospects since our current Upper 6th were in the 3rd form”; high praise indeed and we hope to see them continue to achieve great things! Torin Morgan looked back on a season that saw fresh and very competitive players enter the squad and which saw good performances throughout the season and very, very nearly the desired result at the National Championships. The U15s are also to be commended on their cheerful demeanour throughout: these boys are guaranteed to be good value on any trip! The U16s had a season of changes at the top of the order but of consistent good performances throughout as we catch up with Highgate around this age group. While we didn’t win the U16 Nationals, we had beaten the eventual victors during the season so we know what the job to be done is; our top U16 players will also be looking to the first few pairs next year. Grant Williams as senior coach reviewed a season of arranged marriages, divorce, diplomacy, mediation, negotiation and almost everything else which finally ended up in two Salopian pairs reaching the Schools’ Nationals final. The huge amount of work leading up to it made the result all the sweeter for the players and coaches. My nerves are still not quite recovered some six weeks on. Chris Conway spoke of the enthusiasm of a big group of girls fives players who are making themselves ever more prominent in the club and are enjoyed national successes too in beginners tournaments. There is a real groundswell of girls enjoying their fives and taking it seriously, which bodes well for the future.

Captains, Jack H-W, Izzy Barber & Alice LongThe captains (Izzy Barber and Alice Long for the girls, Jack Hudson-Williams for the boys) spoke memorably in their thanks to the staff who run the sport; Jack reflected on the arrival of Seb Cooley lifting the level against which the top players learn to compete and on the work that Andy Barnard has done; it is clear the Andy gives a huge amount to the players – who are often also cricketers – both on the sporting side and personally.

Seb CooleyDespite protestations from Andy, the rest of the staff did feel it appropriate to thank him publicly for the tremendous time and energy he has directed towards the fives in his nine years in charge. Having arrived at Shrewsbury as a non-player of the game, he was positive about it from the start and the club has enjoyed tremendous success during this time. He hands over the reins to Seb Cooley next year, but we are delighted that he will continue to be involved with fives: we will not be losing him altogether from the club!

The awards made during the evening

Guy Williams (Rb) and Rosie Parr (EDH) were confirmed as next year’s captains of fives.

U14  Top Performers
U14 Most Improved
U15 Top Performers 
U15 Most Reliable Players
U16 Top Performers    
U16 Most Reliable Performers 
Senior Top Performers    
Senior Most Reliable Performers 
Girls Top Performers               
Girls Most Improved Players
Girls Most Determined Players   

Tom Breese & George Panayi
Jack Fox & Stéphane Cotty
George Lewis & Jamie Humes
Freddie Earlam & Freddie Adair
Harry Flowers & Henry Blofield
Charlie White & James Warburg
Jack Hudson-Williams & Henry Lewis
Adam Morris & Henry Lewis
Izzy Barber & Alice Long
Elen Murphy, Alice Paul, Cressida Adams & Holly Free  
Rosie Parr & Hannah Pritchard

Inaugral Intra School Mixed Pairs
Winners : Sam Welti & Izzy Barber 
Runners Up : Harry Bromley Davenport & Rosie Parr

School 1sts Colours awarded (or reawarded) 2012
Jack Hudson-Williams (PH), Henry Lewis (I), Sam Welti (I), Connor Jones (PH), Guy Williams (Rb), Jack Flowers (I), Henry Blofield (PH), Adam Morris (Rb).

Izzy Barber (EDH), Alice Long (MSH)

Junior School First 5th
Henry Blofield (PH), JamesWarburg (PH), Anthony Peel (PH), Henry Gittins (Rb), Edward Holroyd (S), Harry Flowers (I), Charlie White (G), Ben Quirk (PH), Charles Marques (Rt).

U15 Fives Commendations
George Lewis (I), Chris Pearce (I), Jamie Humes (I), Oliver Nolan (I), Freddie Earlam (Rt), Freddie Adair (Rt), Samson Yick (G), Dan Delikatny (O).

U14 Fives Commendations
Tom Breese (PH), George Panayi (Ch), Jack Fox (PH), Ben Sansom (PH), Stephane Cotty (S).

National Awards 2012
EFA Schools U14 Beginners National Champions
Tom Breese & George Panayi

EFA Schools U15 National Runners Up
George Lewis & Jamie Humes

Roise Parr & Hannah PritchardEFA Schools U17 Girls Beginners
Rosie Parr & Hannah Pritchard

EFA Schools Open Schools National Runners Up
Sam Welti & Guy Williams

EFA Schools Open Schools National Champions
Jack Hudson-Williams & Henry Lewis

Open Champions
For the first time in Shrewsbury history (and it has been done only once before) we had two pairs in the SCHOOLS OPEN FINAL which was an absolute thriller, the quality of fives was amazing. Jack Hudson-Williams and Henry Lewis (JHW hadn't dropped a game in two years at the Nationals - he has won it twice) beat Sam Welti and Guy Williams...9-12, 12-4,12-7,12-9.

Jack Hudson-Williams had previously won the title with George Thomason in 2011 – Jack therefore becomes our first ever double OPEN WINNER.

EFA U21 National Champions
Jack Hudson-Williams & Henry Lewis

Williams Team Cup Winners
Jack Hudson-Williams (PH), Henry Lewis (I), Sam Welti (I), Connor Jones (PH), Guy Williams (Rb), Jack Flowers (I), Henry Blofield (PH), Adam Morris (Rb).

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