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Fives: Richard Black Teams Cup

Tuesday 13 November 2018

Shrewsbury School competed in the Richard Black Fives Cup at Eton College last weekend with a team comprising five pupils, one member of staff and one Old Salopian.

After a week in which several of our regular Fives players fell foul of a nasty virus, we were grateful that we could still muster three pairs and take part in the tournament for the fourth year running: Lizzie Ware (Captain), Phoebe Wasdell, Ella Windle, Amelie Davies, Lisette Barden, Gwenan Davies (staff) and Ursula Taujanskaite (OS), who is in her final year at Cambridge University.

Our hoped-for early morning start was negated by a minibus malfunction, so we eventually arrived at about 11.30am after a bit of roadside assistance.

Shrewsbury were quickly into their work despite this being an off-season event and chalked up some convincing wins. Only Ipswich and North Oxford, both adult teams, took points off us, and we came within one match win of making the final. The team ended the competition in 3rd place.

The 1st pair of Ware & Wasdell were particularly competitive and gave every pair they played a good run for their money.

Windle & GMD were also fast and furious, whilst Davies & Taujanskaite chalked up a number of wins. Barden, being the youngest player in the team, was unbeaten throughout the whole day and showed much promise.

Ella Windle was named ‘Player of the Day’ for her excellent progressive performances.

A big thank you to Miss Davies for playing and to the whole team for their spirit and resilience on a challenging day.
Andy Barnard, Teacher in Charge of Girls' Fives

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