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Monday 7 January 2013

Mike Schutzer-Weissman, Master i/c of Fencing, has written in detail about the success of the Shrewsbury School Fencing Club.  Extracts from his full report for 2011-2012 are included here, which give an insight into the enthusiasm and dedication that our Fencing Club members have, under the expert guidance of Ken and Andrew Holding. Fencing is another of our sports that is growing in popularity, and last term we fielded two teams of 22 fencers - our largest turnout in the history of Shrewsbury Fencing - in a fixture against the Wrekin Sword.

A keen riposte has always been a noted feature of the Salopian character, but not everyone is aware of how sharp it can be. The steely conversation of parry and thrust has echoed across the salle d’armes under the expert gaze of Ken and Andrew Holding for many generations.

A fencer’s forte is found in action rather than in words, but we feel that the world at large should know a little bit more about the activities and success of the Shrewsbury School Fencing Club.

Salopians fence most of their contests against experienced, adult opponents. However, results at the 2012 Public Schools’ Championships (copied below) show how successful the School’s fencers are with regard to their equals and contemporaries.


Boys’ Senior Foil:   
Girls’ Senior Foil:   
Boys’ Senior Epée:
Boys’ Senior Sabre: 

24th Chris Williams, 37th Stephen Li
23rd Ameena Alderazi
35th Jack Viljoen, 45th Chris Williams, 72nd Stephen Li, 94th Ollie Marshall
23rd Harry Cox, 39th Chris Williams, 47th Jack Viljoen

Boys’ Junior Foil:
Boys’ Junior Epée: 
Boys’ Junior Sabre:

3rd Marco Lee  (outstanding performance) 27th Charlie Godman,
12th Charlie Godman (outstanding performance) 27th Marco Lee,  55th Arthur Cheng
30th Ross Viljoen, 39th Charlie Godman, 41st Arthur Cheng

Salopian fencers do more than fight among themselves and against others. They also learn to referee matches and, as in the days of chivalry, to become their own armourers.

Particular thanks are due to Ken and Andrew Holding for their time, expertise and commitment in training our fencers. They are also due to Chris Williams, who, in leading his group of musketeers with courtesy, efficiency and dashing courage, has been a model d’Artagnan. Especial mention must also be made of Ameena Alderazi, who goes down in history as the first Salopian escrimeuse.


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