Shrewsbury School

Foundation Fortnight...

Thursday 5 September 2013 going very well!

Third Form Foundation Fortnight, September 2013

Cheery Third Formers in Churchill's (left) and Moser's (centre and right)

The start of a new academic year is a busy enough time for anyone at Shrewsbury. But for new Third Formers, the past few days have been a particularly hectic and exciting whirl of activities, lessons and new experiences.

“Foundation Fortnight is an important bit of ring-fenced time for the new Third Form boys to find their feet,” explains Torin Morgan, Head of Third Form. “We have a tried and tested programme of inductions to sport, music and other activities to keep the boys busy and active. By the end of this period they should feel confident about when and where things are and be left with a feeling of excitement that, as they settle in here, huge possibilities and opportunities lie awaiting them.”

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