Shrewsbury School

The Friends of Shrewsbury School (Hong Kong) Association

Monday 19 November 2012

Over the last few years, current and past Shrewsbury families and Old Salopians living in Hong Kong have come together in conjunction with Robin Case, our recently retired Registrar, to form The Friends of Shrewsbury School (Hong Kong) Association.  Many will already have read the recent letter from the Headmaster in which he mentioned his recent visit to Hong Kong and the strength of our relationship with families in that part of the world.

At a formal dinner with 115 guests, the Headmaster and Willie Cheng, who has two sons in Ingram’s, and who was recently chosen as the new Chairman of the Association, signed the Articles of Association, setting out the aims and objectives and providing for a new structure and membership in the years ahead.

A guiding committee is already working to enhance the relationship between Hong Kong and Shrewsbury, and all families attending the dinner became formal members.

In order to extend the scope of the Association, all members of the Salopian family in Hong Kong are invited to apply for membership and find out more about the Association by contacting Mr Robin Case ( and Mr Willie Cheng (

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