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Friends of Shrewsbury School (Hong Kong) Dinner to be held on 21st October 2013 in Hong Kong

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Friends of Shrewsbury School (Hong Kong) Dinner, September 2013

Over the last few years, current and past Shrewsbury families and Old Salopians living in Hong Kong have come together in conjunction with Robin Case, who retired as Registrar last summer, to form The Friends of Shrewsbury School (Hong Kong) Association.  At a formal dinner last November, attended by 113 people, the Headmaster and the Chairman of the Association, Willie Cheng, signed the Articles of Association, setting out the aims and objectives and providing for a new structure and membership in the years ahead. Many families attending the dinner signed up and became formal members.

During their annual trip to Hong Kong to interview potential pupils and visit local schools last week, Director of Music John Moore, Admissions Manager Verity Llewelyn-Jones and Robin Case were pleased to host a dinner on behalf of the School for the Friends of Shrewsbury School (Hong Kong) Association Committee at the Snow Garden Restaurant.

The guests were: Chairman Willie Cheng (father of Michael (I UVI) and Jonathan (I LVI)), Vice Chairman Joseph and Michelle Law (parents of Derek (O UVI), May Tsui (mother of  Adrian Yick (2013 leaver) and Bryan (M LVI)), Sarah Lo (mother of Clive Lam (O UVI) and Ivan (M LVI)), Dennis Lo (father of Douglas (2012 leaver) and Daniel (SH LVI), Carson and Denise Lee (father of Marco (I V)), Lawrence and Adeline Cheung (parents of Calvin (O V)), Helen Mayhew (mother of William (2013 leaver) and Henry (Ch 3rd Form)) and K.H.To (father of Eugene (2012 leaver).

The Friends' Annual Dinner will take place on Monday 21st October at the Bankers' Club, Hong Kong, hosted by the Headmaster Mark Turner and Chairman Willie Cheng; arrivals from 6.30pm, to sit down at 7.30pm. All members of the Salopian family in Hong Kong are warmly invited to attend. For further details, or to find out more about the Association, please contact Mr Willie Cheng (

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