Shrewsbury School

Girls step up to the crease for boys cricket match

Thursday 6 May 2021

Shrewsbury School's cricket season is continuing an impressive run, as last week saw three of our girls’ team cricketers play for the boys’ team.

Alice B (EDH, III), Georgia N (G, LVI) and Sarah L (EDH, III) all stepped up to the wicket in matches against Wrekin College.

Head of Girls’ Cricket, Gwen Davies, said: “We are lucky enough at Shrewsbury School to have a number of talented individuals amongst the female cricketers. Three of these talented individuals were given the opportunity to showcase their skills amongst the boys last week in a block fixture vs Wrekin College.

“Third former Alice B was selected for the boys U14A team and came away with brilliant figures of 4 overs, 2 for 16. From the same house and year, Sarah L was selected for the boys U14B team and came away with figures of 4 overs, 1 for 9. At the top of the tree playing for the Boys U18A XI, Georgia N returned figures of 6 overs, 1 for 18 after watching JJ Fielding (Rt, U6) score a brilliant 123 not out.

“We are very privileged to have such individuals within our squads and are always keen to keep pushing them further in their development. All three girls welcomed the challenge of playing within the boys teams, and not only held their own – but performed with success. I’m extremely proud of all three girls, and I am sure there are plenty more to come.”

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