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Global Perspectives and Independent Research reports – Presentation Evening

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Students completing their Independent Research Reports for the Cambridge Pre-U Global Perspectives course (GPR) joined Lower Sixth Formers completing the Global Perspectives Short Course (GP) for an evening of presentations in the Science Lecture Theatre on Thursday 9th May 2013.

The Lower Sixth Formers each presented a 15-minute presentation based on a research question stimulated by pre-release documents which dealt with different approaches to parenting and education and gender issues in employment.  Recordings of these presentations will be sent to Cambridge where they will be assessed as part of the Global Perspectives Short Course (GP) Course.

The Upper Sixth Formers gave a brief summary of their own Independent Research Reports (IRRs). This was based on a research question selected and formulated by the student and then developed under the guidance of a tutor (several tutors were present in the audience). The IRR is a 5,000 word dissertation worth 50% of the full Global Perspectives course (GPR).

The variety of ideas and styles of presentation resulted in a stimulating and entertaining evening which was followed by a good dinner and excellent intellectual discussions (and arguments!) over a glass of wine in the Hardy Room.

The Lower Sixth presenters and their topics were:

  • Tom Rowe (M) – To what extent has the trend for later pregnancies affected maternal and infant health?
  • Chris Papaioannou (PH) – To what extent do children owe their parents?
  • Toby Harvey-Scholes (R) – Is ‘Chinese Parenting’ an ethical philosophy for raising children?
  • Derek Law (O) – Do different parenting styles influence societies’ politics and economics?
  • Andrew Spicer (M) – To what extent should parents choose the education of their children?
  • Daniel Hart (Rt) – To what extent should parents be able to control their children’s lives? 
  • Stephen Chandler (Rb) – Should gender be used to discriminate between candidates for employment?

Upper Sixth IRR presentations:

  • Meredith Lloyd (MSH) – To what extent was the 19th century the most revolutionary era for literature?
  • James Brent (Rb) – To what extent does an explanation of consciousness require an alteration of the current dominant scientific worldview?
  • Alfonso Rius (G) – To what extent should the principles embodied in the European Convention on Human Rights be relevant in the fight against terrorism?
  • Ed Elcock (Rb) – Is the Turing Test a valid test for consciousness?
  • Seren Kell (MSH) – Regarding human health, to what extent should we endorse the use of genetically modified crops for human consumption?

The Global Perspectives Short course is equivalent to a bit more than an AS qualification and the full GPR course (GP+IRR) is equivalent to a full Pre-U or a bit more than a full A-level (AS+A2). These are complementary courses offered alongside a full Sixth Form curriculum, so the students who complete them have to be prepared to work independently and efficiently in order to succeed.


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