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Global Schools’ Running Race brings athletes from around the world together

Friday 26 March 2021

Shrewsbury School launched the Global Schools’ Running Race as a way to bring young athletes together from across the world to help improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

The event saw participants from schools across 17 countries worldwide including Bahrain, Ethiopia, Monaco and Singapore compete alongside other schools from Shropshire and the UK. Participants ran a set distance of either 2km and 5km, dependent on their age, and submitted their results to Shrewsbury School.

All participants have enjoyed the serious fun of the challenge and the opportunity to be active.

An impressive set of results came from runners a small town in Ethiopia called Bekoji, where the Hunt visited in December 2019 as part of a running tour to East Africa. It is known as the ‘Town of Runners’ having produced over a dozen Olympic gold medallists and world champions- even though there are only 16,000 inhabitants of the town. All three top spots in the over-19 male category were taken by runners from Bekoji, who all ran 5km in sub-15 minutes!

Salopians who took part submitted some fantastic times, with a few of our pupils and staff making the global leader board in their respective age categories:

  • Brad K (IV, R) 3rd place in male under-15 5km
  • Harrison C (L6, R) 2nd place in male under-19 5km
  • William S (V, R) 3rd place in male under-19 5km
  • Francesca H (U6, EDH) 2nd place in female under-19 5km
  • Sophia U (V, EDH) 3rd place in female under-19 5km
  • Kate Evason (Marketing Manager) 3rd place in female over-19 5km

We received support from the President of World Athletics, Lord Coe, who sent a video praising the hard work of the school’s race organisers for ‘thinking outside of the box’ by creating the race, as well as highlighting the importance of staying active.

The campaign received attention from national and local press; an article was featured in Athletics Weekly; race organiser Sam Griffiths was interviewed on BBC Radio Shropshire and the race was also reported in the Shropshire Star.

Race Organiser, Sam Griffiths, said:

“The inspiration for the Global Schools’ Running Race originates from our passionate belief in the importance of staying active which benefits both physical and mental wellbeing. So much has been taken away from this generation- all around the world- but yet there is light on the horizon, and we wanted to really harness that sense of optimism and possibility to unite young people through the shared joy of running. 

“The beauty of the Global Schools’ Running Race is that anyone can take part.

“The focus of the race wasn’t necessarily about the competition and seeing who’s the fastest; rather, joining people together and sharing in the enjoyment of something that is loved all around the world.  With the sport of cross-country running having originated at Shrewsbury School, we always feel something of a responsibility and duty in promoting the sport and celebrating in its rich traditions.”

The Global Schools’ Running Race has proved such a success that it has now been established as an annual event, with hopes that next year it will bring schools together again now that such a positive outcome has developed throughout such testing times.

Well done to all involved in making the event so successful.

Please follow this link to view the 2021 Race Winners.

Please follow this link to view the full published list of results.

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