Shrewsbury School

Global Week

Monday 2 March 2015

Armenia, Egypt, Swaziland, Bulgaria, The Isle of Man... 50 flags from the 50 nationalities represented in the School were hanging proudly in Kingsland Hall when we got back from Half Term. At lunch that day, Brendan Parsons (SH UVI)  brought his bagpipes and gave the diners a cheerful blast, setting the tone for a week of globally-flavoured activities. 

In Assembly, Huda Hasan (MSH UVI) had explained the idea behind ‘Global Week at Shrewsbury School’.  She had wanted to ‘open doors’ to new conversations. Her fellow presenter, Guy Cabral (Ch LVI), surprised many of us by revealing not only his knees, in his Yacht Club-style national dress, but also the fact that, despite his home- counties accent, he is actually from Bermuda.  Vicky Quzhang (EDH LVI) introduced us to the delights of Taiwan, Batool Aljufairi (G LVI) presented herself as proof that Muslim women aren’t voiceless, and Dan Delikatnyi (O UVI)  spoke movingly about his experience of having a violent protest arrive literally at the door of his apartment in Kiev, and the choices he and his family had to make in response.

There was an International House Quiz on Wednesday evening; food from five continents showcased each day on the Theatre Bar in KH; Kenya and Hong Kong starred in Third Form presentations by Eve Hartley (G  3) and Jasmine Lo (EDH 3);  the weekly Model United Nations session was held in the Ashton Theatre; and there was the build up to World Book Day in the Moser Library. A pop-up French Crêperie, run by Charlène Piquard, our Bordeaux Fellow, helped to raise money for the six charities we support, in the UK and Malawi. In Houses, an American foodie theme emerged: Hot Dogs, Rocky Road, Brownies and Cheesecake were the top sellers.

KH looked at its most colourful on Friday lunchtime, as it was charity non-uniform day, and those in National Dress wore it with pride.  Colourful, flowing robes from Asia, Africa and Europe were represented – along with Mr Bell’s Panama hat and cream flannel trousers, carefully secured with an old-school tie.

Will Allott (Ch UVI) had spoken at Assembly about Stephen Hawking  - "the most famous disabled person on earth" – and of his powerful influence, despite having no voice of his own.  Many new conversations have been had this week, and Global Week, while including a great deal of delicious food, has also been a feast for the eyes and ears.

Many thanks to all those who helped to make it happen.

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