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Golfing goes live!

Tuesday 22 January 2019

The Old Salopian Golfing Society has gone live with its new website this week!

All members of the OSGS have been sent an email giving them access to our new website -

Our first two fixtures of the Golf Season - Spring Meeting (South) at Denham GC and Spring Meeting (North) at Royal Liverpool GC are live for booking on-line now.
This new website which has been bought with the some financial assistance from The Salopian Club should enable all OSGS Members to play all our fixtures and significantly reduces the burden on the Hon Secretary plus it makes the OSGS a modern digital golf society.
I encourage all Salopians to look at the link below to find out about us - if you want to join - follow the links on the website

Charles Hill

Honorary Secretary - Old Salopian Golfing Society

Mobile 07939597488

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