Shrewsbury School

The Great Escape from Shrewsbury School

Thursday 12 September 2013

Forty Third Formers from Churchill’s, Severn Hill, Ridgemount and Oldham’s relaxed following their first frantic week at Shrewsbury at ‘The Great Escape’, an activity centre tucked away in the idyllic south Shropshire countryside between Bishop’s Castle and Clun (which the poet Housman thought ‘the quietest place under the sun’)...

'The Great Escape', Foundation Fortnight 2013

…Not so quiet last Sunday afternoon, however, as the boys competed with each other paintballing, constructing bridges over shark-infested waters (or lava flows, as one imaginative Third Former preferred to think: there could after all be safe gaps between sharks) and various other outdoor problem-solving tasks which tested the initiative of many to the limit, and indeed beyond.

The weather was kinder than the forecasters had been prepared to let on, and the boys returned muddy and wet but reinvigorated for the second half of their Foundation Fortnight.  


'The Great Escape', Foundation Fortnight 2013

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