Shrewsbury School

The Great Grove Bake Off

Wednesday 12 March 2014

The Grove Bake Off took place on Sunday 9th March, involving three teams of boys and parents.

The Technical Bake was an apple pie followed by a Show Stopper in the form of Fancied Up Profiteroles, To Die For Chocolate Torte and Scrumptious Two Tier Lemon Delight. We had the pleasure of the company and expertise of Kathy Thomason judging.

Kathy showed the boys how to make some simple university meals - Toad in the Hole, Yorkshire Pudding with Prawns and Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce - all from one batter. Matron cooked a hot chilli supper which was enjoyed by all. The evening was a lot of fun and, in true Grove style, competitive too (not just the boys)!
Thanks to Tania Morris, Mary Kidson and Sarah Moulson for bravely taking part, and all other parent supporters for making the evening a lot of fun. Thanks to Mrs B for making it all happen.

Please click on the images below to view a gallery of photos taken on the evening:

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