Shrewsbury School

Harry Sargeant (M LVI) wins first prize in a competition for young composers

Thursday 16 May 2013

Harry SargeantHarry Sargeant has won first prize in the Nock Deighton Challenge 2013 with his musical composition ‘Colonel Custard and Major Mustard’. His piece will be performed by the Ironbridge Gorge Brass Band during the Ironbridge Gorge Brass Band Festival in July.

“To enter I had to write a piece fully scored for a brass band. I decided to have a fast, upbeat section that also returns at the end, and a middle, slower section with more interesting harmonies and rhythms - and I very much enjoyed doing it."

Director of Music, John Moore said of Harry: "Harry is one of our most talented music scholars, playing trumpet, cello and piano all to a very high standard. Increasingly he is finding a voice too as a composer and arranger for ensembles of various sizes and combinations. He has an innate gift as a composer which we hope to nurture over the next year or so, and given his ability at a relatively young age, I'm sure there is much more to look forward to hearing from Harry. He is currently working on a piece for the School's Symphony Orchestra, and is to be congratulated on winning the Nock Deighton Award."

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