Shrewsbury School

Headmaster's Commendations

Wednesday 10 December 2014

The aim of the Headmaster’s Commendations is to recognise and reward outstanding academic achievement and intellectual curiosity.

The following pupils have been awarded Headmaster's Commendations this term:

Upper Sixth
Sonny Koh (Ch)
Ross Viljoen (PH)
Esmé O'Keeffe (MSH)
Benjamin Tsang (R)

Lower Sixth
Alfie Mitchell (SH)
Olivia Papaioannou (EDH)
Sherry Xu (EDH)

Fifth Form
Ed Plaut (S)
Adam Aslam-Baskeyfield  (Rb)

Fourth Form
Nik Amthor (R)
Lucien Whitworth (R)

Third Form
Abi Watkinson (G)
Jetty Russell (G)
Tommy Tong (SH)
Lizzy Ware (MSH)

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