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Heads of the River 2018

Sunday 11 March 2018

Sabrina's racing season is under way!

Last Sunday, following our participation earlier in the year in the Wallingford and Wycliff Head of the River races, the Sabrina Eight competed in the Tideway Head. For once the conditions were relatively good – it wasn’t raining, snowing or windy! The crew rowed well but their racing rating was about 31 when, had they been able to go over at 33, they would have ended up higher in the final order. As it was, the crew came in a very respectable 114 out of a field of over three hundred. They certainly shouldn’t be dispirited as they rowed solidly and, bearing in mind that because arranging outings has been a problem of late, they hadn’t had time to work at the higher rating needed to really demonstrate their undoubted abilities.
The crew is now focussing on becoming 2,000 metre fit, which will involve lots more time in the boat. They are, as is always the case with our Sabrina crews, a really fantastic and enthusiastic group. Please support them by going to The Metropolitan Regatta, Marlow Regatta (both of which are at Dorney Lake) and, of course, Henley.

Then, on Monday, we had our usual get together at the Blue Anchor on the embankment at Hammersmith to watch the Schools’ Head and to support the eight crews fielded by the School this year. About seventy-five people came to the pub and enjoyed not only spectating and mixing with each other but also the chilli con carne served by the pub’s new management. The general consensus was that the pub has tidied itself up and the food provided for us was of a higher standard than before.
Please see below a selection of photos of the crew on Tideway and other Sabrina members and their families who congregated at London Rowing Club after the Race as well as photos of some of the School’s crews and the party at the Blue Anchor.
Sabrina members are encouraged to come to as many of the events as they can over the next four months. There will be lots going on. For further information, please refer to the 'Forthcoming Events' section of the Old Salopian section of the School’s website.
All of us at Sabrina hope you have a very enjoyable Spring and Summer.

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