Shrewsbury School

House of Lords Tour

Monday 18 March 2019

OS in The House of Lords

To visit the Houses of Parliament at any time is a great privilege, but especially so on Thursday 14th March when the third big vote was due on the Brexit debate in the Commons. Fortunately for the Salopian party, this particular event was not mirrored in the Lords, so under the expert guidance of Lord Hodgson (R 55-60) we were able to visit the magnificent chamber and its surrounding state rooms as well as take part in a most informative briefing session in one of the committee rooms.

A glance at the plethora of imminent business that has to be scrutinised and debated reassured us that Their Lordships have plenty to be getting on with! The Salopian party was most appreciative of Lord Hodgson’s time and expertise and of Peter Fanning’s work to arrange the visit.

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