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Friday 19 June 2020

An article from Mr Percival following University Week.

June has seen a change not just in the weather in Severn Stream, as the university winds have turned in the direction of the next cohort.  As mentioned in previous newsletters, this week has seen the Lower Sixth embark on a week with dedicated time to help them think more deeply and in more detail about their next steps in as informed a way as possible.  Each is at their own stage of that particular journey and so the purpose of the 20 or so sessions has been to encourage them to explore their options with greater focus.

Though the best part of my job is unquestionably the chance to discuss Salopians’ future plans with them, it is important for them to hear from as wide a range of people as possible.  The webinars from Warwick on picking course and university and Southampton on crafting a personal statement that stands out were both well-attended and well-received; the sheer number of questions kept the admissions tutors long after their presentations had ended. 

Central to supporting our pupils are the Sixth Form tutors, whose individual and personal guidance has been invaluable, both in narrowing down focus and helping to create the first semblance of a personal statement. These conversations will continue into next term, where further sessions will continue to help in decision making; hopefully firm foundations have been laid.

Fully appreciating that university is only one option for life after school, Mr Wain has offered specific guidance and information on the alternatives over the course of the week. This has been backed up by the daily Careers talks, which have provided illuminating insights into the various paths Salopians can take.

With a great deal of press coverage of how universities are reacting to current events, the Q&A sessions with university admissions officers specifically for parents seemed to be rather successful; as such, we intend to plan further events for the Autumn.  Some overview notes covering the main points covered in the discussions can be found on the Parent Portal, as can recordings of the webinars.

Mr Percival

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