Shrewsbury School

Inter-House Quarter-Mile and Sidney - Darwin Dash

Friday 1 July 2011

On Thursday 30th June, a unique set of races were held on Central to compete over the quarter-mile and a flat sprint from the Sidney Statue to the Darwin Statue. 

The inspiration behind the event came from a recent discovery in a Shrewsbury attic of the top of a trophy presented in 1869 to a certain 'W Hughes' for victory in the quarter-mile at The Schools.  We felt it would be a nice idea to give the trophy a new plinth and award it (for the second time in 140 years!) to the winning Senior boy in the quarter-mile. 

The course took the boys around Central and the Alington Hall and proved a terrifically exciting spectacle.  Each House entered two boys in the Senior Quarter-Mile and two in the Junior Quarter-Mile, and four Heats were held, with the winners progressing to the finals along with the four fastest losers. 

The 1869 Quarter-Mile trophy was won in dominant style by sixth form entrant Howard Stringer, with the Junior race being won by The Grove's Stuart Brown.

Junior Quarter-Mile Final:
1st S Brown (G) 53.67
2nd L Arnold (M) 55.35
3rd O Clarke (S) 56.55
4th A Shaw (Ch) 57.62
5th K Ma (SH) 59.1
6th J Dempsey (Ch) 1.01.58

Senior Quarter-Mile Final:
1st H Stringer (PH) 51.35
2nd R Cross (S) 52.95
3rd G Mallett (S) 54.75
4th S Pope (PH) 55.31
5th A Vaughan-Jackson (Ch) 55.63
6th E Wynn (M) 55.85
7th J Au-Yeung (SH) 56.26
8th E Lloyd (Rt) 57.32

The Sidney-Darwin Dash provided further excitement, with some particularly hard-fought battles in what was a top-quality field.  The Junior event was won convincingly by star athlete Chike Kandi, and in the Seniors, incredibly, Howard Stringer managed to do the double, just holding off the charging pack behind.  This particular race proved especially close, and there was some question mark over the bronze-medal position.  However, one of the boys was on hand to provide photo-finish analysis, producing a video he had taken of the race!

Junior Sidney-Darwin Dash:
1st C Kandi (M) 13.24
2nd J Plaut (S) 13.72
3rd H Tomkinson (R) 13.97
4th O Roberts (Rb) 14.28
5th R Litchfield (I) 14.51
6th M Lepekhov (M) 14.77
7th S Yick (G) 15.01

Senior Sidney-Darwin Dash:
1st H Stringer (PH) 12.94
2nd C Jones (PH) 13.23
3rd J Cameron (M) 13.44
4th M Davies (M) 13.68
5th O Heap (I) 13.95
6th N Douglas (R) 14.17
7th J Steele (O) 14.57
8th P Kenyon (G) 14.83

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