Shrewsbury School

Inter-House Quarter-Mile and Sidney - Darwin Dash 2012

Saturday 30 June 2012

These two races were revived for the first time last year, over 140 years after the original quarter-mile trophy was awarded to a certain 'W Hughes' in 1869.

The new quarter-mile route takes the boys around Central and the Alington Hall, and the 'Sidney - Darwin Dash' is a flat sprint frm the Sidney Statue to the Darwin Statues.

Last year, extraordinarily, both senior events were won by Howard Stringer (PH, then LVI).  This year, Howard again took the Senior Quarter Mile title, but the Senior Sprint title was awarded to Oscar Heap (I LVI).

Severn Hill took both the Junior titles, with the Junior Quarter Mile race being won by Anthony Nelson (S 3), and the Junior Sprint trophy by James Plaut (S 4).

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