Shrewsbury School

An invitation to all members of the Salopian community in celebration of National Poetry Day

Thursday 3 October 2013

from Kristina Leslie, Head of English

Dear All,

As I'm sure you know - today is National Poetry Day.  All of the Third Form will be writing poetry in their English lessons this morning which will form a Third Form Competition.  The rest of the School has also been invited to submit poems to me - before midnight tonight - from which some winners will also be selected. 

Having also extended this invitation to members of staff, I thought there was no reason why parents should miss out!  Therefore, if you have the creative urge, and would like to send me a poem sometime before the clock strikes midnight tonight (Thursday 3rd October), turning me into a pumpkin, I would be thrilled to receive them!  I already have several entries from pupils - but no pressure!  Any theme or style you like...

Kristina Leslie

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