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IYPT on Radio Shropshire

Monday 27 January 2014

Ian Yeung (R UVI), Dominic Dootson (M LVI) and Physics Master John Balcombe were interviewed about the International Young Physicists' Tournament on BBC Radio Shropshire on Saturday 25th January. To listen to the broadcast please click on the link below. 

IYPT on Radio Shropshire 

Dominic and Ian are part of the School's team that won the UK Young Physicists' Tournament on Thursday 16th January. Three members of  Shrewsbury's team and two members of the runners-up team from John Leggott College will represent the UK in the International Tournament, which takes place at Shrewsbury School from 3rd - 10th July.

Speaking as Chairman of the IYPT Organising Committee, John Balcombe said that he was expecting around 30 countries to take part in the Tournament; teams from 23 countries have already signed up.

Below l to r: Arthur Kung, Ian Yeung, Dominic Dootson, Ilya Lapan, Horace Tang and Head of Science Steve Adams

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