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Jeremy Goulding: guest of honour at Shrewsbury International School’s Speech Day

Tuesday 10 May 2011

Jeremy and Isobel Goulding with Alison and Stephen Holroyd at Shrewsbury International School's Speech Day 2011

Jeremy Goulding was the guest of honour at Shrewsbury International School’s Speech Day, held on Friday 6th May. As Headmaster of Shrewsbury School from 2001 to 2010, Mr Goulding was one of the driving forces behind the creation of Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok. Mr Goulding has said of his time as Headmaster of Shrewsbury:

“Looking back, there have been many highlights, but undoubtedly one of the most important was the opportunity, in 2002, to collaborate in the founding of Shrewsbury International School.

“The relationship between the two schools becomes increasingly significant and better understood, year by year. The link between Shrewsbury International School, one of the finest international schools in Thailand, and Shrewsbury School, one of the most distinguished schools in England, is characterised by our shared pursuit of excellence – and nothing less than excellence – in education in its fullest and richest sense.”

Jeremy Goulding jokes with Ms Christi Douglas, mother of Nicholas (R 5) Speech Day at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok is an important event for everyone in the school community and, as such, was a fitting event for Mr Goulding to say his final farewell to students, staff and parents – many of whom he has met during his visits to Bangkok over the years.

Both the Prep School and Senior School were treated to an address by Mr Goulding and Mr Holroyd, School Principal. Mr Holroyd delighted the students with stories from his trip to the Eastern Seaboard with Chris Conway earlier this year, where they visited a number of prestigious American universities, including Yale, Brown, Harvard and MIT.

Mr Goulding drew on his years of teaching Classics to recount the story of Midas and his ‘golden touch’ and demonstrate to the Junior School the importance of trying to make the right choices.

At the Senior School Speech Day, Mr Goulding recounted his own experiences of Shrewsbury International School Bangkok from its inception and highlighted the many examples of international partnership that exist between the two schools 6,000 miles apart. Mr Goulding invited the students to share in the history of the school that was founded in the same name 450 years ago in England, with this he chose to make the focus of his speech one of the most famous Old Salopians, Charles Darwin.

He concluded by asking the students to study by the principles that Darwin imparted to his children: love your subject; be patient in accumulating knowledge; work hard in observing and collecting facts and use your common sense, with a touch of imagination, in making connections. 

Jeremy and Isobel Goulding travelled out to Bangkok together, and for once were able to have a bit of time to relax and take in some of the sights of this fascinating city.  During his tenure as Headmaster here, his visits to Bangkok rarely lasted longer than 24 hours!

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