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Journal Research Reviewed by Students

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Students from Shrewsbury School and the Marches School have reviewed two papers for the online journal Frontiers for Young Minds.

The journal aims to communicate contemporary and cutting-edge research across a range of scientific disciplines to a young audience, in order to inspire and educate children and teens about scientific research and careers. In order to pitch the papers at the right level, this process involves peer-reviewing by students of the target ages, so that researchers can make the changes in communication recommended for maximum impact and readability.

In a lockdown project initiated by STEM Fellow Dr Kathryn Broadhouse last year, a handful of students at Shrewsbury School learned about the peer-review process in producing scientific literature and ultimately undertook a review of the article “Working With Nature to Solve Societal Problems” (link below). Dr Broadhouse extended the project to work with a group of pupils at the Marches School, who reviewed the article “Volunteering in Monitoring Bird Behaviour: Accuracy Matters!”

Both articles have recently been published following adjustments suggested by the students and official illustration. Please do have a read of these and others on the FYM website. Particular thanks to Dr Broadhouse and to Thea H, Dylan T, Kate V and Tom B for their work in reviewing the articles.

Volunteering In Monitoring Bird Behavior: Accuracy Matters! · Frontiers for Young Minds (

Working With Nature to Solve Societal Problems · Frontiers for Young Minds (


Mr David Wray
Head of Science Outreach

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