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Launch of Shrewsbury School Careers Films

Friday 11 May 2018

This week we launched an exciting new careers initiative, which we hope will be an invaluable resource for pupils to explore as they consider what steps to take beyond Shrewsbury School. 

Thanks to the support of Old Salopian David Chance (O 1970-75) and the hard work and expertise of Film Fellow David Clifford and Kate Hodge from the Salopian Club, we have been able to create a library of filmed interviews with former pupils of the School across a wide range of careers.  

Each of the films focuses on their ‘journey’ from Shrewsbury School to workplace and provides fascinating insights into the work they do, the skills that are required in their career, and how their Salopian experience has influenced the paths they have taken.   

Pupils can access the films via the School's intranet system, and we will be constantly adding to the bank of resources.  At present, it includes interviews with the following former pupils:

Philip Russmeyer (Ch 1995-97)     Private Equity
James Russell (PH 1990-95) Dentistry
Charlotte Finlay (MSH 2008-10) Law
Nick Owen (R 1961-66) Media
Mark Connor QC (PH 1982-87) Criminal Law
Adam Booth (PH 1990-95) Medicine (General Practice)
Elle Gurden (MSH 2008-10) Investment Banking
Henry Exham (R 1997-2002) Teaching
Graham Moss (R 1969-73) Architecture
Phil Wood (M 1992-97) Accountancy
Neil Daly (PH/G 1984-89) Brand Management
Chris Chaney (I 1991-96) Charities


A five-minute ‘taster’ of the films can be viewed below:

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