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Medic Malawi fundraising: Nightime border crossing

Thursday 9 February 2012

Will Heyes directing Churchill's House PlayAs a signed-up participant of the Medic Malawi trip (9th - 27th July 2012), Will Heyes (Ch LVI) came up with a novel fundraising idea recently.

Once Saturday lessons were over, Will set off from School to walk home for the weekend - a 26-mile cross country hike across the Breidden Hills to the far side of Welshpool.

Will's plan was to avoid road travel as much as possible, and to use small footpaths - although the Severn Way would have been an option, he rejected it as its many meanders would have made it a much longer journey.  As it was, the late start time meant that he would be walking in the dark for much of the way.

For general moral support, James Kynaston (Ch LVI) joined Will for the last few hours of his journey, by which time Will had tackled the Breiddens - with a few wrong turns - on his own and in the dark; James' company and humour were much needed.

The two boys eventually reached their destination at 9pm, thoroughly exhausted but much relieved, in the knowledge that Will was £400 closer to his fundraising target.

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