Shrewsbury School

Message from the Director of the Salopian Club

Tuesday 18 August 2020

The Salopian Club is now back in action ......

I am writing to let you know that we are currently operating on a part-time basis, so please bear with us if responses are not always instantaneous.

Sadly, because of the current health situation, all Salopian Club social events are on hold, and it will not be possible to hold the planned Old Salopian Day on Saturday 19th September this year. However, we will ensure that those whose anniversary leaving date reunions were due this year will be included in the next Old Salopian Day. Members of the Sabrina Club and the Salopian Drivers’ Club, whose AGMs usually occur on Old Salopian Day, will be contacted by their respective committees.

I do hope you have managed to endure lock-down with Salopian insouciance and that we shall soon be able to resume normal activities. In the meantime, for person to person contact may I recommend joining our OS Connect platform via the OS section of the School website? It’s free to use and provides a direct link to fellow Salopians who have signed up for it.

With all good wishes,

Nick Jenkins



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