Shrewsbury School

Moser's House Play: "The Servant of Two Masters"

Friday 25 January 2013

TThe 2013 House Play season kicked off with Moser's Hall in the Ashton Theatre on Thursday 24th & Friday 25th January -  a modern adaptation of Goldoni's "The Servant of Two Masters."

Satire, slapstick and farce in abundance! The Moser's Hall team, with a touch of class added by the girls of Emma Darwin Hall, had to work hard to be ready so early in the term. Nonetheless, opportunities for Houses to perform in the busy Ashton Theatre are increasingly hard to come by and so the third Moser's Hall play in just seven terms was quickly prepared - our next chance may not come until 2015!

This was an entirely pupil-led project that tested the organisation, commitment and particularly the courage of all involved. Even with just hours to go before the first performance, crucial props were still being hunted, stage-paint was drying, costumes were 'evolving' and perhaps one or two lines were still being learned. Lead Actors/Directors Ed Wilson and Jack Viljoen pulled it all together admirably and by the final performance on Friday, a very full and appreciative Ashton Theatre audience were left well-entertained. Congratulations to cast and crew!


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