Shrewsbury School

MUN team wins the Outstanding Delegation Award

Thursday 30 June 2011

Over the weekend of 25th/26th June, at Withington MUN - a conference involvling mainly Manchester schools - our A team, INDIA, won the OUTSTANDING DELEGATION AWARD.

Our B team, IRAQ, also debated very impressively and individual awards went to members of both teams:

OUTSTANDING DELEGATES (1 in each committee)
Sam Ansloos (5, Rb)
Daniel Edwards (3, S)
James Halliday (5, G)
Alex Montgomery (L, O)
Ralph Wade (4, Rb)

HIGHLY COMMENDED DELEGATES (2 in each committee)
Ben Gould (5, G)
Stephen Lilico (U, SH)
Henry Nead (4, PH)

COMMENDED DELEGATES (4 in each committee)
Stephen Chandler (4, Rb)
Michael Kwan (3, S)

Accompanying teachers: Huw Peach + Grace Woo

This performance comes at the end of the most successful year in the school's MUN history, with 5 BEST DELEGATION AWARDS in 5 conferences.


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