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Musings from our Head of English: Why reading is the future...

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Kristina LeslieHow well he's read, to reason against reading! (Shakespeare)

Reading is the future; reading is the present; reading is the past.  In this digital age it is all too easy to assume that reading is losing its place in contemporary society.   How often do parents complain that their children never read!  However, the reverse is actually the case.  We are now reading more than ever – on line, on our phones, on our ipads or kindles and even – in books!  We read, and continue to read, for the same reasons we always have: for entertainment; for information; for communication.  From reading we learn not only about the world we live in now, but also about the world as it existed in any given era.  Most importantly perhaps, reading literature allows us to develop an understanding of ourselves.  As CS Lewis explained, “We read to know we are not alone.”

So whether you want to develop your understanding of yourself and society, or prefer simply to be entertained with a great story – keep reading!


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