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National Classics Competition - Salopian proxime accessit

Thursday 17 March 2022

A Lower Sixth Former is celebrating after being shortlisted for a national Classics competition judged by television presenter and Classics professor Michael Scott of Warwick University.

Andrew M (Ch, LVI) entered the Lytham St Annes Classical Association 2022 competition which required him to give a recorded lecture for 15 minutes on an unsung hero of the ancient world.

He chose Sextus Aurelius Victor, a little-known historian and politician, born in the 4th century AD, in Roman province of Africa. He covered the period from the first emperor Augustus to Constantine the Second - from c. 27 BC to 350 AD.

In a year of stiff competition, Andrew did not make the Grand Final, but was awarded a Shortlist Certificate; Andrew is intending to apply to read Classics at either Oxford or Cambridge, and it’s hoped that this achievement will bolster his application.

Paul Fitzgerald

Head of Classics


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