Shrewsbury School

Northern Progress

Thursday 7 November 2019

In what is becoming something of a tradition ......

The Director accompanied by the Head of Higher Education, Toby Percival, set off through the floods in Sheffield and Doncaster to reach Edinburgh on 7th Nov on the first stop of the Northern Progress. Here the Wally Dug in Northumberland Street is a popular watering-hole for the residents of Edinburgh New Town but particularly for Salopians in the city, as it has the added advantage of being owned by Murray Campbell (O 92-97). To the accompaniment of the pianist (Glenalmond, I’m afraid…) Salopians, ably co-ordinated by Archie Thomason (Rt 12-17), were able to enjoy the local brew. Was it fanciful to have heard the strains of “Will ye no come back again?”

The following evening saw Salopians from Durham and Newcastle, at the prompting of James Plaut (S 10-15), descend on the Swan and Three Cygnets which boasts some of the most reasonably priced ale in the land. This was just as well, as Salopians of both universities applied themselves with alacrity to contribute to the barman’s strained shoulder. After a lengthy evening, the intrepid travelling duo eschewed the temptations of the local night-spots, Klute’s and Jimmy’s, just as various Salopians (not to be named) were getting into their stride.


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