Shrewsbury School

Northern Progress

Wednesday 17 November 2021

The lure of free drinks and Salopian company ....

After an enforced two year gap, the Director of the Salopian Club, Nick Jenkins, and the Head of Higher Education, Toby Percival, returned to their traditional Northern Progress of Edinburgh and Durham on 11th and 12th November. In Edinburgh, about 40 young and a few more senior Old Salopians assembled at their usual watering hole of the Wally Dug, courtesy of its owner, Murray Campbell (O 92-97), for a lively evening of drinks and canapes. Second stop was Durham where the legendary Swan and Three Cygnets provided the venue for about 20 Old Salopians studying at the university. In both locations the lure of free drinks and Salopian company was enough to entice many out of their lairs and certainly enough to make a repeat next year a racing certainty.

Nick Jenkins


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