Shrewsbury School

Old Salopian Day 2019

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Blessed by glorious September weather 

Old Salopian Day began with another impressive assembly of the Salopian Drivers’ Club in an eclectic mix of vintage and classic cars, ranging from venerable British designs to rather more ostentatious transatlantic machines! A buffet lunch in Quod was followed by a varied afternoon’s programme.

In the Art Building Lucy Caddel and the Art Faculty had assembled a magnificent postcard art exhibition, featuring original works of some of our most eminent Old Salopian artists as well as of current staff and pupils, all bid for in a silent charity auction which ultimately raised over £2000 for Shrewsbury House in Everton.

In the Moser Library Robin Brooke-Smith (S 61-66), the School Archivist, had put together another informative display of the School archives and artefacts, while in the Biology Building Henry Exham (R 97-02 and now Housemaster of Oldham’s) was able to update the more enquiring Old Salopian minds on the merits of digital learning in the classroom.

If not watching the Old Salopian football and netball matches against the School, visiting Old Salopians were able to avail themselves of an array of House and OS socks brought up by Putney-based Philip Morrow (SH 00-05) as well as Salopian items offered by Salopian Ventures. Those wishing to view their old haunts were able to visit their Houses, before the evening’s Black Tie Dinner featuring the leavers of 59,69,79,89 and 99 as well as anyone pre-69 and a number of Salopian Drivers staying overnight.

The sun was shedding its final rays on drinks held on Kingsland House lawn, attended also by the current group of Praepostors, before guests experienced a first-rate dinner produced by the staff of Kingsland Hall, beginning with the now traditional Salopian Grace, devised and delivered by the Rev Richard Hayes (M 52-57), and finishing with speeches from the President, Paul Nichols (S 66-71), and the Headmaster, Leo Winkley.

Those wishing to attend School chapel were able to do so the following morning, before an exhibition of flowing football from two Old Salopian teams in the Alex Wilson Memorial Football Match later in the morning, and an equally exciting clash of two Old Salopian 7-a-side rugby teams in the afternoon, heralding a much awaited revival of Old Salopian rugby. Meanwhile the Salopian Drivers’ Club had departed early for Powis Castle, from where they repaired for lunch at a local Shropshire hostelry.
Satisfying the varied Salopian interests inevitably constitutes a challenge, but we hope there will have been enough to cater for most tastes. Haste ye back!



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